FedEx P&D


The core team at Ancile.Services is built by ex-FedEx contractors and AOs. Having a deep understanding of the space, a large scale of operations and a technical edge, Ancile is able to deliver results for it's FedEx contractors, so they can focus on their operations


Ancile.Services actively works with over 250 businesses, across 35+ states, helping them recruit and retain their delivery team. With 100's of years of collective recruiting experience, technology backed process, large scale of operations, and personal account management, Ancile is able to ensure that you are never a driver short.

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Our team will work with candidates to get them full onboarded and compliant in your system. We work with enterprise clients and small business alike, to help design and implent a seamless onboarding process for their candidates. Thus, once hired, the candidates are easily transitioned to onboarded and setup for success from day one. We work with each business, to design a unique process to meet their business needs.


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Ancile.Service's expert back-office support team can help you manage your team, and their weekly payroll. Freeing up precious hours that you can dedicate to other parts of your operations, while ensuring compliance.

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Why do you need consulting when buying routes?

  • As it turns out, like real estate, you need a broker who represents you and your interest.
  • We are here to guide you and help you transition into being a Fedex contractor, helping you be successful.

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Our proprietary technology, scale of operations and domain expertise, helps companies
Serving you in 35 states and 150+ cities
across the country