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Deep understanding of the space

With years of experience in the trucking industry and as FedEx contractors ourselves, we've gained an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and requirements involved in recruiting top-tier truck drivers. This knowledge allows us to tailor our recruitment services to better serve your specific needs and ensure the highest quality results.

Ex-FedEx Contractors - We Understand the Importance of Recruiting and Being Fully Staffed

As former FedEx contractors, we know firsthand the critical role that reliable, skilled drivers play in maintaining smooth operations. This experience has taught us the significance of being fully staffed with high-caliber drivers to meet the demands of the FedEx network. At Ancile Services, we're committed to helping you find the right drivers to ensure your business runs like clockwork.

Advanced Technology - Dramatically Improved Results Through Cutting-Edge Solutions

Our technology first approach allows us to deliver high quality service to you, at an affordable price. At Ancile Services, we have built out an industry leading platform that allows us to sort through candidates faster, reach them sooner, process them better and deliver them to you seamlessly.

Scale of Operations - Superior Service Through Extensive Client Networks

Our vast network of clients sets us apart. By working with hundreds of clients across the FedEx contractor community, we've developed a wide-ranging pool of resources, insights, and expertise. This allows us to leverage our connections and knowledge to deliver superior service and an unparalleled level of support to each of our clients.

Our Process That Gives You The Edge

01 .

Introductory Call
  • Our team begins by scheduling an introductory call to gain a clear understanding of your needs and requirements, allowing us to tailor our approach to your unique situation.

02 .

Market Analysis
  • We conduct thorough research on your market, competition, and the overall recruiting landscape to develop an informed and targeted recruitment strategy.

03 .

Customized Advertisements
  • Our team creates customized ads for your business and posts them on various platforms, including running direct ads as needed, to attract the best candidates.

04 .

Pre-screening Candidates
  • We meticulously pre-screen all applicants, ensuring they possess the necessary qualifications and are a good fit for your business.

05 .

Video Interviews
  • Our team conducts video interviews with each candidate, allowing us to get to know them better and assess their suitability for your company.

06 .

Background Checks
  • We process candidates through the First Advantage system, assisting them to fill the form out correctly, to ensure that their file is processed in a timely manner.

07 .

Drug Tests
  • Our team works with the candidates, to coordinate their drug tests, we work with First Advantage to ensure it gets correctly tagged and processed when needed.

08 .

DOT Physicals (MEC Cards)
  • We continue to work with the candidate in ensuring that their DOT Medical card is uploaded. In the situation that their card is expired, we work with them to get a new one.

09 .

Road Tests
  • Once a driver is ready for a road test, you will be notified with all the driver information. At this point you will reach out to the candidate to schedule their road test.

010 .

Time to Hire
  • Upon completition of their road test, the candidate file will be made compliant by First Advantage, and the candidate will recieve a SIG. Once signed, he will be ready to be badged and trained!

Satisfied Customers

Happy Customers

Best folks in the business!! Great company to do business with!

Jacki Kirkland - FedEx Linehaul Contractor

It doesn't get much better than Ancile Services. They are master recruiters, and display a high level of professionalism and expertise. You will not be disappointed!

Kemar P - FedEx Linehaul Contractor

Ancile Services provides great recruiting for our company. Quality company and people! Great addition to our team.

Beverly Black - Operations Manager - FedEx Contractor

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